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Auf den Unterseiten werden Lösungsansätze zur Beschreibung der Rechteinformationen nach dem Europeana Data Model - EDM erfasst, erläutert und evaluiert.

Vergleiche auch das Template unter:


Allgemeine Informationen

Europeana Data Model Documentation

Definition of the Europeana Data Model v5.2.8

Europeana Data Model - Mapping Guidelines v2.4

Creative Commons Rights Expression Language

Elemente zur Beschreibung von Lizenzangaben und Rechteinformationen

Für die Lizenzangaben und Rechteinformationen stehen in EDM folgende Elemente zur Verfügung.

dc <rights>




Europeana Hinweis

This is a free text property and should be used for information about intellectual property rights or access arrangements that is additional to the controlled value provided in edm:rights. Compare the use of these properties before making a mapping decision.  A record may contain both properties but do not duplicate values in them both. <dc:rights>Kilmarnock House Trust (David Jones)</dc:rights>

Use to give the name of the rights holder of the CHO if possible or for  more general rights information. (Note that the controlled edm:rights property relates to the digital objects and applies to the edm:WebResource and/or edm:Aggregation). <dc:rights>Copyright © British Library Board</dc:rights> 

Verpflichtungsgrad und Wiederholbarkeit

Optional und wiederholbar, 0..n


edm <rights>


Standardized Rights Statement



Information about copyright, usage and access rights of the digital objects in Europeana that represent the source cultural heritage object described in the data. Note: This property also exists in the ESE Namespace.  

Europeana Hinweis

To support discovery by associated rights and access permissions this property will hold the URI of a rights statement. In the context of Europeana the value must come from the set defined at

The value in this element will indicate the copyright, usage and access rights that apply to this digital representation. It is strongly recommended that a value is supplied for this property for each instance of a web resource. The rights statement specified at the level of the web resource will ‘override’ the statement specified at the level of the aggregation. The value in this element is a URI taken from the set of those defined for use in Europeana. A list of these can be found at­‐rights-­‐statements. Note: rights statements must be exactly as specified there, which means in many cases that they must start with http and not https. <edm:rights rdf:resource= “”/> <edm:rights rdf:resource= “”/>. Or create a reference to an instance of the cc:License class where additional details of the rights can be provided (such as an expiry date for the restrictions):­‐NC/1.0/ or     <edm:rights rdf:resource="#statement_3000095353971"/>

Verpflichtungsgrad und Wiederholbarkeit

Optional und nicht wiederholbar, 0..1, mandatory for the ore:Aggregation, optional for edm:WebResource


cc <License>





A set of requests/permissions to users of a Work, e.g. a copyright license, the public domain, information for distributors

Europeana Hinweis:

The creation of instances of the License class in the data will allow the addition of properties related to those particular licenses, such as the date any copyright restrictions may expire.


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