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Akzeptierte Formate verschiedender Institutionen

Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS). Hamish, James/Alastair, Dunning.  AHDS Deposit Formats. Suitable formats for depositing data with the AHDS  2006-08-22 nicht aufrufbar file not found


National Archives and Records Administration.  Medium/Formats Accepted by the National Archives and Records Administration for Permanent Records.  2006


NLM Digital Repository Working Group (NLM-DRWG).  Requirements for an NLM Digital Repository: Report and Recommendations.  2007-03-16   

attachment:NLM-DRWG_Requirements for an NLM Digita Repository Report and Recommendations_2007-03-16.pdf file not found


UK Data Archive (UKDA).  Preservation Policy Version 2.0.  2005-09   

attachment:UKDA_Preservation Policy Version 2.0_2005-09.pdf file not found


Kriterien für die Bewertung von Formaten

Arms, Caroline/ Fleischhauer, Carl / LOC.  Digital Formats: Factors for Sustainability, Functionality, and Quality.  2005.  Paper for IS&T Archiving 2005 Conference, Washington, D.C.


Barkstrom, Bruce R./ Folk, Mike.  Attributes of File Formats for Long Term Preservation of Scientific and Engineering Data in Digital Libraries.  2002.


Brown, Adrian/ The National Archives (UK).  Digital Preservation Guidance Note 1: Selecting file formats for long-term preservation.  2003-06-19.


Digital Preservation Guidance Note 1 Selecting file formats for long-term preservation_2003-06-19.pdf

Digital Preservation Guidance Note 1.pdf file not found


Christensen, Steen S. et al./ The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark/ The State and University Library, Arhus, Denmark.  Archival Data Format Requirements.  2004-07  

attachment:Christensen_Archival Data Format Requirements_2004-07.pdf file not found


Lormant, Nicolas/ Huc, Claude/ Boucon, Daniele/ Miquel, Christine.  How to Evaluate the Ability of a File Format to Ensure Long-Term Preservation for Digital Information?  2005.  Paper for PV 2005, The Royal Society, Edinburgh.


Rauch, Carl/ Krottmaier, Harald/ Tochtermann, Klaus /TU WIEN.  File-Formats for Preservation: Evaluating the Long-Term Stability of File-Formats.  2007-06.  Proceedings ELPUB2007 Conference on Electronic Publishing, Vienna, Austria.


Rog, Judith/ van Wijk, Caroline /KB.  Evaluating File Formats for Long-term Preservation.  Paper for iPRES 2007, Beijing, China.  2007

attachment:Rog-vanWijk_Evaluating File Formats for Long-term Preservation_Paper for iPRES 2007_2007.pdf

(bisher unveröffentlicht, Veröffentlichung wird erwartet)


Stanescu, Andreas/ OCLC.  Assessing the Durability of Formats in a Digital Preservation Environment.  2004.  D-Lib Magazine, November 2004, Volume 10 Number 11.

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