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Philipp Zumstein proposed a concept of the scope of holdings. This concept is just a suggestion to see if our "real world entities" fit in. The table does not propose that all entities listed here should be described in an Holdings-Ontology.

Status: Please feel free to edit this page and add new or rearrange entities.

Overview (proposed)

See further overviews here

general holding information

entity descriptioncomments
call number / label (global)ck: ZETA (Magazinsignatur), ISO20775 (pieceIdentifier ?), Z39.71 (Copy Identifier ?)
location (on a shelf)ck: see location
bill numberck: ?? Is this necessary?
acquisition date 
corresponding titleck: daia:exemplarOf -> holding:exemplarOf
access on electronic documentck: foaf:page (see also electronic access information)


ck: taken from ISO 20775


unrestricted access

access with authorization

preview only

no online access

restrictions unspecified

access restricted URL based

comment on the holding description 
holding Institutionck: (relations between a holding and an agent) daia:heldBy --> holding:heldBy
relations between a holding and another holdingck: daia:narrowerExemplar -> holding:narrowerExemplar , daia:broaderExemplar -> holding:broaderExemplar , daia:narrowerExemplarOf -> holding:narrowerExemplarOf , daia:broaderExemplarOf -> holding:broaderExemplarOf
enumeration and chronology

ck: the description of enumeration and chronology of a periodical (ecpo:hasBestandsverlauf)

inter library loan


ck: ill code vocabulary as range (holding:ill)
Date of Reportck: on which the holdings statement was created or last updated

Type of Unit Designator

ck: (see z39.71)

0 (zero) -->Information not available; Not applicable

a --> Basic bibliographic unit

c --> Secondary bibliographic unit: supplements, special issues, accompanying material, other secondary bibliographic units

d --> Indexes

Physical Form Designatorck: (see z39.71) specifies the physical form of the unit. Typically this information resides in the title description, but there is also the possibility to catalouge independent from the physical form. Maybe dcterms:medium with RDA Carrier Types

Completeness Designator

ck: (see z39.71)

0 (zero) --> Information not available, or Retention is limited

1 --> Complete (95%-100% held)

2 --> Incomplete (50%-94% held)

3 --> Very incomplete or scattered (less than 50% held)

4 --> Not applicable


Retention Designator

ck: (see z39.71)

0 (zero) --> Information not available

1 --> Other

2 --> Retained except as replaced by updates

3 --> Sample issue retained

4 --> Retained until replaced by microform, or other preservation format

5 --> Retained until replaced by cumulation, replacement volume, or revision

6 --> Limited retention (only some parts kept)

7 --> No retention (no parts kept)

8 --> Permanent retention (all parts kept permanently)

Name of Unitck: (see z39.71) name of unit is usually given only when the holdings of a secondary bibliographic unit are being recorded. For single-part secondary units, the name of unit may be the only data element required to express Extent of Holdings
Extent of Unitck: (see z39.71) extent of unit is usually given only when a unit lacks sequential designations. This occurs most frequently with non-serial units.

service portfolio

entity descriptioncomments
holding related serviceck: A service might not be a property of a holding but of an agent?

current status

entity descriptioncomments
availabilityck: might be related to a service and expressed with DAIA
currently in the collection of an Agent 

eventually not in the collection yet (ordered, in processing ...)


eventually not in the collection anymore (stolen, missing, destroyed, withdrawn...)


Acquisition Status Designator

ck: (see z39.71) also see current status

0 (zero)  --> Information not available, or Retention is limited

1 --> Other

2 --> Received and complete or Ceased

3 --> On order

4 --> Currently received

5 --> Not currently received



entity descriptioncomments
relation between a title/description and an holdingck: daia:exemplar -> holding:exemplar see corresponding title
relation between an agent and an holdingck: daia:holds -> holding:holds see relations between a holding and an agent


entity descriptioncomments
Institution Identifierck: not a relation between a holding and a institution, but an identifier where the holding resides (see z39.71)
Sublocation Identifierck: a subdivision or collection within the institution represented by the institution identifier (see z39.71)
Copy Identifierck: The copy identifier element may be used to record holdings for one or more copies
call number / label (local)ck: ZETA ((Sonder-)Standortsignatur), ISO20775 (shelfLocator ?), Z39.71 (Call Number), MARC21 (Shelving control number ?)

electronic access information

Electronic nameProcessor of request  Instruction  Bits per secondPasswordLogon  Contact for access assistanceName of location of host  Operating systemPort  Electronic format type  SettingsFile sizeTerminal emulationHours access method availableRecord control number 

entity descriptioncomments
Access methodck: e.g. Email FTP Remote login (Telnet) Dial-up HTTP
Relationship to the general holdingck: e.g. Resource, Version of resource, Related resource
Electronic nameck: dcterms:title
Processor of request 
Bits per second 
Contact for access assistance 
Name of location of host 
Operating system 
Electronic format typeck: dcterms:format
Terminal emulation 
Hours access method availableck: dcterms:available
Record control number 
Link text  (URL)ck: <dcterms:relation rdf:resource="URL">
Public noterdf:
licenseck: dcterms:license
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