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Format Recognition WG

Objectives and tasks

Having a sufficiently detailed understanding of file and data carrier formats is the necessary basis of risk assessment and preservation planning for long-term digital accessibility. There are, however, major gaps in the existing tools because of the abundance of formats. It is also difficult to maintain an overview of the wide range of current and new tools.

The nestor Format Recognition WG therefore aims to gather and present basic information on the topics of format recognition, characterisation and validation. The WG is helping to improve format recognition and expand the existing format databases (format registries). Its work is aimed at all individuals and institutions with an interest in digital preservation and archiving (e.g. archives, libraries, research institutes and museums). The target is to provide an accessible introduction to the topic of format recognition for these groups. Links and references should also enable an in-depth exploration of questions surrounding format recognition. For this purpose, the WG provides links to existing information such as tool collections (e.g. COPTR) and collections of files on different formats (such as Archivematica and the ArchiveTeam), and aims to encourage users to participate in the further development of existing collections by making their own contributions or adding their own updates. Obsolescent yet still functional reproduction environments and storage media of the institutions involved are recorded and experiences with them exchanged.

Contact Person

Yvonne Tunnat (born Friese)

ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

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