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Goals and Tasks



OAIS Review WG

Objectives and tasks

The OAIS reference model is considered to be one of the most influential documents in the area of long-term digital preservation. The periodic review by the ISO scheduled for 2017 allows the expert community to assess the relevance of the standards and to introduce any changes. 

The UK-based Digital Preservation Coalition created the OAIS Community Forum for the ISO Review. The Forum is a wiki platform aimed at focusing and promoting technical discussion. nestor welcomes and supports this initiative. Only if the interested and competent specialist community inputs its concerns will the review process yield a useful result. 

nestor has therefore set up a small working group aimed primarily at identifying areas to be addressed in the forthcoming review process. Concrete further development proposals will be formulated and published in the OAIS Community Forum in the course of 2016.

Contact Person


Sabine Schrimpf

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek