Documents and Results of the European BIBFRAME Workshop 2017



Tuesday, 26.09.2017
  • Welcome to the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek by Dr. Elisabeth Niggemann, DNB Director General, and by Leif Andresen on behalf of the Organizer Group
  • 40 participants present themselves
  • Introduction to workshop by Leif Andresen
13.30Lightning talks
14.00Breakout session 1
  • Barriers for implementation of BIBFRAME
16.15Lightning talks
Wednesday, 27.09.2017
9.05Breakout session 2
  • Community building
  • Vendor support
  • Documentation
10.30Lightning talks
11.00Breakout session 3
  • Training
  • Sharing experience
  • Limitations of BIBFRAME
13.45Round table

How to integrate Person and Corporate entities into implementation of BIBFRAME? Share experience and ideas about how to link to entities or integrate entities for Person and Corporate Body

15.00Plenum discussion

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Workshop Results

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Summaries and Reports

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