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Objectives and Tasks


In all domains of culture and education an increasing amount of digital material and information is being generated, which is not just based on text but comprises elements like sound, graphics, videos, animations, simulations etc., frequently in combination with each other.   

But the different institutions using digital material display a very inhomogeneous stage of development and state of knowledge on the topic. Libraries and institutions attached to the "Mediathek" network already possess functioning media-archives which are positive examples for the treatment of digital material. On the other hand, there are smaller institutions, like university institutes, wishing to use digital media – e. g. for the compilation of digital teaching material – but lacking the technical know-how and the means of implementation. Museums as well as collections also increasingly work on the basis of digital information and born-digital objects whose long-term preservation and accessibility have to be secured.   


Contact Persons

Bähr, Thomas

Technische Informationsbibliothek Hannover
Rohde-Enslin, Dr. StefanInstitut für Museumsforschung (SMB-PK)
 Keiper, Jürgen

Deutsche Kinemathek



21/22nd June 2007

Online-Presentation at the International Conference - Knowledge by Networking

August 2007

Press release by Dr. Stefan Rohde-Enslin in two parts with recommendation for storage and preservation of digital pictures Press release digital pictures (only in German available)

14th March 2008

Workshop of the WG Media at Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin "Replayed - Bewahrung von digitalen Artefakten am Beispiel von Computerspielen"

25th - 27th May 2008

Lecture and Workshop at MAI-Conference at Sprengelmuseum Hannover: "Erstellung eines Konzeptes zur Langzeitbewahrung digitaler Objekte in Museen" (only in German available)


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